About Cashdash

India is 5th largest and one of the world’s fastest growing economies. A country of enterprising billions.

There are 57 million MSMEs, which reflects how irrepressible our entrepreneurial gene is. Micro Enterprises in agriculture, trading, retailing and manufacturing are the driving forces which add firepower to the economy. The grunt work of millions of small entrepreneurs ensure that economic value gets created against all odds.

At CashDash, we strongly believe that Small and Micro Enterprises will play a central role in blazing the Indian economy to the ambitious 5 trillion mark. We also reckon that the risk of lending to Small & Micro segment has been overestimated mainly due to business cycles not being symmetrical. This is how our ‘nuts and bolts’ economy works and the financial system has to accommodate this reality.

The biggest limitation to an entrepreneurs’ ambition is availability of capital when it’s needed. We are working to make financial institutions and HNIs appreciate the possibilities of value unlocking in this seemingly uneven segment.

Stop borrowing like you are still in the bygone. Up your game with cashdash.