Why borrow from CASHDASH ?

Borrowing the old way

  • It takes an average of 29 hours to complete documents and apply with a traditional lender
  • Small businesses who manage to get approved wait 2-5 days to find out
  • After approval with a traditional lender, it takes about 7-10 days to get funding
  • Traditional lenders reject high percentage of small business owners
  • Documents are needed upfront before your credit assessment begins
  • The loan amount, pricing and terms are not even known till you reach agreement stage

Borrowing the
'cashdash' way

  • Our online application takes just 3 minutes
  • You can get approved within 2-3 hours, and sometimes in as little as 1 hour
  • Time taken to remit funds vary by loan type and speed of collaboration, but you can often access your capital in as little as 24 hours
  • We end up giving funding to higher number (compared to traditional lenders) of small business owners who apply with us. This is possible due to our ability to assess applicants using 360 flywheel approach and tech-enabled credit processes
  • Using tech, we are able to eliminate 80% of documents. Whatever little we need is only after we have given you a final approval
  • Our 100% transparent pricing is placed on the website alongwith a funding-calculator. In 70%+ final approved cases, we honour the loan amount approved by online system and shown to you within first 2 minutes of your application process

Power your business

No collateral. No guarantee. Minimal paperwork
Powered by the best-in-class financial institutions
Get started in 5 Minutes
Shorter Tenor
Repay fast and save cost. Our flexible repayment plan and no-cost prepayment option puts complete power in your hand
Get started in 5 Minutes
Instant Approval
Our technology enabled processes ensures an instant in-principal approval and an agile post-sanction process
No Personal Guarantee
Intuitive dashboard to view statements and manage loan Account on your own. Control how you use the funds
Flexible Controls
Transparent Pricing
We try to communicate with you in as straight a manner as possible, with no jargon and legalese
Flexible Controls
Speed in Action
At cashdash, we have a bias for decision and action. We shall not leave you waiting and anticipating
Advanced Protection
AweSME Support
We know that generic solutions rarely solve unique needs, thus our communication channels are always open
Everything your business needs and much more. We understand ..
that when you need finance, you need it in a matter of hours; not days. India's first fully digital business loan
that a loan is an encumbrance on your business and you would want to have an option to repay it at the earliest possible
that you have a business to look after and expect simpliciy and transparency from your loan. Simple Pricing, No surprises