Our Working Culture

1. Customer First

A digital business is all about solving things for the consumer. That philosophy is at the center of all decisions that we make.

2. Be Open

Start discussions with an open mind. Share what you know. Find out why someone else thinks differently. The one who is answerable takes the final decision after following a rigorous data-driven discourse.

3. Bias for Action

Every meeting ends in outcomes. Or it reaches the next level for directions. We encourage people to challenge, take the first risk and be accountable for decisions.

4. Empower People

We encourage team to be curious, do thoughtful experiments, run projects independentaly. Seek help from mentors, seniors and eco-system. Ask questions. Fail. Get chastised, but not discouraged. We live for next day.

5. Live your dream and Enjoy

While we chase success for ourselves and organisation, we place a high emphasis on having fun on the way. We are living our dream here.

6. Execution, not Strategy

Culture eats strategy for breakfast. Execution is the cornerstone of our culture. We do things which needs to be done, not to impress each other.

Helping small business-owners advance towards their ambition and success is what we treasure doing...