Top 4 Reasons for Business Loan Rejection – Get Tips to Avoid

Tips to avoid rejection of your business loan application

Availing a Business Loan can be a life-changing decision. Whether it is for travel, to deal with medical emergencies, or manage your wedding expenses, the fruits of a Business Loan often end up in happy memories. The number of Business Loans rose by 26.9% in 2018. So, it becomes all the more important to ensure that one takes the steps necessary to avoid getting your Business Loan application rejected

There are several protocols one must follow to get a Business Loan. Upon failing to do this, one’s Business Loan application might be rejected. Mentioned below are the mistakes you could make which end up in the loan application being rejected.

1. Incorrect Documentation

When applying for a Business Loan, document submission is an important step in the loan application process. It provides the lender with vital information about yourself and your capability to repay the loan amount requested. Therefore, ensuring that you have all the necessary documents in place is imperative. Moreover, the information provided must be accurate and genuine. Any discrepancy could lead to your loan application being rejected.

2. Insufficient Credit Score

A credit score determines the credibility of a borrower. It considers factors such as your credit repayment history. A credit score between 750-900 is considered to be ideal to apply for a Business Loan. If you fall on the lower end of the scale, chances of your loan being rejected are extremely high!

3. Inconsistent Job History

Another way of gauging a borrower’s credibility is their employment history. How often you change jobs, how consistent has your income been, are some of the factors that your lender might take into consideration before deciding to offer you a loan.

4. Increased Debt

The more debt you have, the less confidence the lender will have that you can pay back the loan. It follows the simple rationale that if you can’t pay the loans you have, how will you be able to handle even more?

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