About us

India is 5th largest and one of the world’s fastest growing economies. A country of enterprising billions.

There are 57 million SMEs in the country, which reflects how irrepressible our entrepreneurial ethos are. SMEs in agriculture, trading, retailing and manufacturing are the driving forces which add firepower to the economy. The grunt work of millions of small entrepreneurs ensure that economic value gets created against all odds.

At Cashdash, we strongly believe that Small and Micro Enterprises will play a central role in blazing the Indian economy to the ambitious 5 trillion mark. We also reckon that the risk of lending to Small & Micro segment has been overestimated mainly due to business cycles not being symmetrical. This is how our ‘nuts and bolts’ economy works and the financial system has to accommodate this reality.

We believe in small business. The neighbourhood mithai shop, the always-crowded hardware shop, the hairdressing salon which has been a part of the local community for years. The family bakery business that is flocked by all. The food joint on the corner that’s more celebrated than a multinational chain on the high street.

Meet Our Leaders

Our leaders share the vision to provide innovative, fast, customized and yet simple Business Loan to you.

Saurabh Shanker Singh, Co Founder Cashdash & CTO Cashdash

Saurabh Singh

Chief Technology Officer

Saurabh Singh

Co-Founder & CTO

Saurabh is technology veteran with 20 years of experience in software industry. A business graduate from IIM, Saurabh started his career with Infosys. Within two years of the first job, he became entrepreneur by co-founding Brainvisa in 2010. Since then he has successfully founded and exited start-up companies.

He advises start-ups and small business to get to the next level in technology and has a keen eye for technology application to benefit end user.

Saurabh is fitness enthusiast and likes to spend his personal time in running. True to his nature, has co-founded a group, ‘Pune Running’ that hosts 5000+ runners in its annual marathons. Saurabh has co-authored a book, ‘Startups - Finding funding’ that talks about twenty start-ups and how they raised funds in twenty unique ways.

Co Founder Cashdash

Shalini Dhingra

Chief People Officer

Shalini Dhingra Sinha

Co-Founder & Chief People Officer

Shalini is a senior banker with 20 years of experience, primarily in retail lending with leading private sector bank of India, Axis Bank. He has led large teams handling functions across Business Development, Credit & Risk, Operations and Debt Service Management. He was also part of Axis Bank’s Leadership Program, under which selected employees were groomed for key roles.

Shalini is a thought leader in retail loan segment, guiding team and interns in the field. She started his career with petroleum major Hindustan Petroleum. He holds an Engineering Degree from NIT and has done her Master’s in Business Administration from TAPMI.

Shalini has a passion for creative writing and used to write articles for The Hindustan Times during her college days.